A progarm dedicated to electoral education was launched in Chisinau! See details in the article.

31 May 2024

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According to the Municipal Survey conducted by the Chișinău Municipal Youth Center, only
41.1% of young people always participate in elections, while 24.3% never participate. The
remaining youth are split between those who rarely participate (15.3%) and those who often
participate (18%). These data highlight the need for effective electoral education to increase
youth involvement in the decision-making process.

In this regard, the Chișinău Municipal Youth Center launched the program “Electoral Education
Begins with YOUTH,” a project dedicated to young people in Chișinău who want to understand
the importance of voting and familiarize themselves with the electoral process. The program will
be conducted through a series of educational sessions that will guide participants in becoming
informed and engaged citizens, capable of making conscious and responsible choices within a

The program includes the following sessions:

  • Introduction to Elections/Electoral Systems – 05.06.2024
  • Debates “European Parliament” – 12.06.2024
  • Local Elections – 19.06.2024
  • Parliamentary Elections – 26.06.2024
  • Referendums – 05.07.2024
  • Presidential Elections – 10.07.2024
  • Voting Process Simulation – 19.07.2024
  • Role and Functioning of the “European Parliament” – 24.07.2024
  • Kahoot: European Parliament in Detail – 31.07.2024

The sessions will take place every Wednesday and Friday at 5:00 PM at the Chișinău Municipal
Youth Center, Mitropolit Varlaam Street, No. 90.

Those interested are invited to register by filling out the form available at the following link: Registration Form.

By developing this program, we aim to raise awareness about the decision-making process and
encourage young people to become active and responsible citizens.

Your involvement matters! Join us and become part of an informed and responsible generation