At the Riscani Youth Centre young people discussed about clothing etiquette

25 May 2024


A new session at the Riscani Youth Centre, with the topic “Clothing Etiquette”, part of the Social Etiquette Course within the Youth Personal Development Programme.

Under the guidance of our expert, Zinaida Soroceanu, young people learned how to choose the right outfits for different occasions and how to build an impeccable personal image.

During this session, participants discovered the secrets of a well-thought-out wardrobe and the importance of first impressions, received valuable advice on adapting clothing style to the context, choosing the right accessories and combining colours and textures to create harmonious and elegant outfits.

We are proud to see each of our young people taking important steps towards personal and professional development. Stay tuned for more exciting events and personal development opportunities.

We look forward to seeing you at our next sessions!