Book Launch at Cărturești: Lilia Calancea presents her novel Alionuska!

01 May 2024

2024-04-30 22.28.29

On Friday, May 3, at 6:30 pm, at the Cărturești bookshop in the National Museum of History in Chisinau on 121A, 31 August 1989, book lovers will have the opportunity to attend the launch event of the novel “Alionușka” by Lilia Calancea, published in the Ego collection. Prose of Polirom Publishing House, brings to the fore a sensitive and captivating story about friendship and growing up against the background of the social and political upheavals of the 90s.

The event will be moderated by Viorica Covalschi and will include the presence of author Lilia Calancea, along with special guests Ludmila Șimanschi, Viorica Oleinic and Vitalie Sprînceană.

The novel Alionuska explores the challenges and changes during the break-up of the Soviet Union through the main character, Zoia Vangheli. A schoolgirl in Chisinau, Zoia faces new experiences, including transferring to a Romanian-language school and befriending the bold Katia. Throughout the book, readers will discover how Zoia navigates a changing world as she copes with the hurried coming of age and social upheavals of the time.

Lilia Calancea is an acclaimed author and a member of the Writers’ Union of the Republic of Moldova. She has previously published several novels and volumes of short prose and has been nominated for various literary awards.

Cărturești Chișinău urges you not to miss this opportunity to get to know the author’s new book closely and discover the moving story of Alionușka by participating in the constructive discussions.