Ciocana Youth Centre hosts a new training session “Blackmail”.

26 April 2024


On Thursday, April 25, at the Ciocana Youth Centre, an exceptional training session was held on “Blackmail. Its typology” held by Andrei Buzdugan and Ana Covali.

The training aimed to:

  • informing young people about the emotional and psychological aspects of blackmail
  • familiarize them with the various manipulation techniques and how to recognize them in different contexts
  • to encourage young people to develop skills to deal with and counter emotional manipulation and blackmail tactics.

In the first part of the session participants were familiarised with the definition and variants of blackmail, as well as ways of recognising it in everyday life. They identified the underlying causes of manipulative behaviour and emotional blackmail.

The second part of the session was based on encouraging young people to develop skills to confront and counter manipulative tactics. The session offered practical strategies and solutions to increase resilience and manage blackmail situations effectively.

The third part of the session highlighted the importance of being aware of the negative consequences of using emotional blackmail, both for the individuals involved and for interpersonal relationships. Towards the end, the focus was on exploring and understanding the long-term impact of emotional manipulation and blackmail in different life contexts.

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