Ciocana Youth Centre invites you to the Open Air Film for Youth!

12 June 2024


The Ciocana Youth Centre continues to provide educational and recreational opportunities for young people through various activities. Every week we organize the Youth Film Festival, an event dedicated to promoting the art of cinema and developing the critical and creative skills of participants of different ages.

The festival includes screenings of films specially selected for young people, designed to stimulate critical thinking and encourage free expression. Promoting values such as:

  • Inclusion and cultural diversity
  • Creative use of leisure time
  • Developing analytical and artistic skills
  • Discovering and exploring cinematic passions

Participating in the Youth Film Festival provides an excellent opportunity for personal and professional development, contributing to a community of passionate and engaged young people.

The Festival takes place every Friday, starting at 21:00, in the Amphitheatre near the Ciocana District Pretura.