Clubs of interest at the Buiucani Youth Centre

28 April 2024


Traditionally, this week too, young people met in interest clubs, geared towards developing young people’s interests in a friendly and safe environment.

  • Sports club – provides an opportunity for young people to practice a new type of sport – paddle, which not only contributes to the well-being of young people and promotes healthy lifestyle, but also improves teamwork skills and develops strategic thinking in terms of shots, respect for the rules and the game itself.
  • English Club – English club sessions provide an opportunity for young people interested in overcoming the barrier of speaking a foreign language, enriching their knowledge and personal development. Young people participated in quests and quizzes aimed at developing communication, logical thinking and learning skills in an easy way.
  • Board Games Club – participating in this club is a fun and useful way for young people to liven up their free time. The variety of games allows them to try out different roles and develop a healthy competitive environment.
  • Debate club – participants organised themselves according to their positions, presenting arguments and counter-arguments in an open and constructive atmosphere. The aim of the club is to promote constructive debate and encourages active community participation in discussions about important social issues.

Choose a club of interest, and come be part of the youth community at the Buiucani Youth Centre!

You can register for interest clubs HERE

Participation in the activities is absolutely free for young people aged 14-35.