Cooking Club: Discover the art of cooking at the Chisinau Municipal Youth Center!

07 July 2024


Are you passionate about cooking and want to improve your culinary skills? Then we look forward to welcoming you to the Cooking Club at the Chisinau Municipal Youth Center!

Under the guidance of the expert Mrs. Coralia Babcenco, a nationally renowned trainer, you will step into a fascinating world of flavors and tastes, discovering the secrets of culinary art and learning to prepare delicious dishes.

The Cooking Club invites you to participate in a series of interactive and educational sessions where you will have the opportunity to:

  • Explore traditional and modern recipes from different cuisines around the world
  • Learn essential cooking techniques to impress your friends and family
  • Develop practical cooking skills, from choosing ingredients to preparing and presenting dishes
  • Enjoy a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, perfect for making new friends and sharing your passion for gastronomy
  • Discover new tastes and flavors, stimulating culinary creativity and expanding culinary horizons

Cooking Club is more than just a leisure program. It is a unique opportunity to connect with other young food enthusiasts, learn from an expert in the field and cultivate your passion for cooking.

Please note that the Cooking Club will resume its activities in August!