“Cultural evening” At the ciocana youth center: Games, music, and socializing

06 June 2024


The Ciocana Youth Center hosted the “Cultural Evening” event, an initiative aimed at providing young people with an opportunity to relax, socialize, and develop personally in a pleasant and friendly environment.

Throughout the evening, the young people spent time at the Ciocana Youth Center’s courtyard, where they had access to a variety of board games designed to encourage cooperation, friendly competition, and creativity. The atmosphere was complemented by ambient music, contributing to a relaxing and welcoming environment.

A special moment of the evening was the storytelling session, where several young people shared personal stories or their own creations. This activity was appreciated by all participants, giving them an opportunity to express themselves freely and enjoy the creativity of others.

The “Cultural Evening” event once again demonstrated the importance and positive impact of cultural and recreational activities on youth development. These initiatives not only promote social cohesion but also inspire young people to discover and develop their talents, thus contributing to the building of a more united and dynamic community.

The Ciocana Youth Center aims to continue organizing such events that meet the needs and interests of the youth in the community, while also promoting the values of friendship, respect, and collaboration.