Debate club in Russian at Botanica Youth Centre!

11 June 2024


The Parents and Children Debate Club is for those who want to learn how to argue their opinion, identify their opponent’s strengths and weaknesses, understand and anticipate their opponent’s arguments and speak in front of an audience. The club’s moderator is journalist and TV presenter Elena Pahomova.

The June meetings will be held as follows:

  • 11 June, 17:00: Theory: arguments and facts;
  • 13 June, 17:00: Battle “Higher education: pros and cons”;
  • 25 June, 17:00: Theory: public discourse;
  • 27 June, 17:00: “Exam or tests” battle.

The club sessions take place at the Botanica Youth Centre, bd. Dacia, 37/1.

Young people aged 14 to 35 can participate. Participation is free of charge. Registration form HERE