Discover volunteering opportunities at the Youth Information Center on Pedestrian Street!

10 July 2024


Are you young and eager to get involved? Want to discover your passions, develop your skills and make a difference in society?

Then we look forward to welcoming you at the Youth Information Center, located on the pedestrian street!

At the Information Center you will find information about:

  • Services and programs offered by the Youth Centers.
  • The non-formal education activities offered in the centers, from personal development courses to artistic and sports workshops.
  • Volunteering opportunities where you can get involved in social and community projects and contribute to making a difference.
  • Advice and guidance from our friendly and experienced team.
  • Opportunities to connect with other young people with similar interests and get involved in joint projects.
  • Information about upcoming events organized by youth centres, such as concerts, theatre performances, film screenings, creative workshops, conferences and debates.

If you see the Information Center, don’t hesitate to get closer.

We are here to inform you, answer your questions and help you discover yourself. Approach with confidence and get to know the opportunities of the Youth Centers!