Discover your potential: free self-discovery session for young people in Chisinau!

13 May 2024

Copy of 2024 program dezvoltare personala (37)

Young people from Chisinau are invited to discover their potential and explore the fascinating aspects of personal development at a session entitled “Self-discovery”, which will take place on 14 May at 17:00 at the Chisinau Municipal Youth Centre!

Led by trainer Zinaida Soroceanu, this exciting session offers young people a safe and supportive space in which to explore and understand more deeply who they are and what their untapped potential is.

Participants will be guided to discover and harness their personal talents and skills, explore and understand their emotions and set clear personal and professional goals.

This session is dedicated to young people aged 14-17. Participation in this session is completely free, encouraging all interested young people to join and take advantage of this opportunity for personal growth and development.

The Self-Discovery session is integrated into the City’s Youth Personal Development Program, which aims to provide educational resources and events to support youth in their developmental journey.

To register for this session, click HERE