Friendly padel matches at the Buiucani Youth Center sports club

30 May 2024


On Wednesday, May 15, a special session was held at the sports club of the Buiucani Youth Center, during which young people participated in friendly padel matches, between girls and boys.

The session focused on promoting a healthy lifestyle and creating a friendly and inclusive atmosphere for all participants.

The youth:

  • Learned the basic concepts of padel,
  • Practiced the side shot,
  • Participated in individual and pair matches,
  • Developed new sports skills,
  • Spent quality time with peers.

Our goal is to provide the youth of Buiucani with a fun and interactive way to engage in sports, make new friends, learn a new sport, and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Stay tuned for more sports activities. We look forward to seeing you from Tuesday to Saturday, between 10 AM and 7 PM, at the Buiucani Youth Center, La Izvor Park.