If you are passionate about cooking, join the cooking club at the Chisinau Municipal Youth Centre!

14 June 2024


The Cooking Club is organized every Friday, starting at 16:30, at the Chisinau Municipal Youth Centre and is led by Coralia Babcenco, a nationally and internationally renowned trainer in the culinary arts.

With extensive experience and a deep passion for cooking, Coralia Babcenco guides participants on a journey to discover the secrets of cooking and culinary technique.

Club participants have the opportunity to learn cooking essentials, explore traditional and modern recipes and develop practical culinary skills. These sessions provide an interactive and educational platform for young people, helping to improve their culinary skills and cultivate a passion for gastronomy.

You can join the cooking club by filling in the form HERE! Deadline for registration, 16 June 2024!

Participation in the Cooking Club is free of charge and open to all young people aged 14 – 35 who are eager to improve their culinary skills.