Improvising an interview was the theme of the Personal Development Programme session at the Buiucani Youth Centre!

11 May 2024


On Friday 10 May, the Personal Development Programme session took place, under the guidance of Mihaela Strâmbeanu, where young people developed their skills in improvising a speech.

Participants were challenged to improvise an interview or a social media broadcast, with the aim of practising their communication skills and formulating their thoughts on camera.
With each moment spent in front of an imaginary audience, young people overcame the barrier of public speaking, learned tricks for managing emotions, techniques for organising thoughts and delivering a message in a captivating and convincing way.

You still have the opportunity to train your public speaking techniques, every Friday at 16:30 at the Buiucani Youth Centre.
Registration form, HERE

Participation is absolutely free, for young people aged 14-35.