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31 May 2024

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The Chișinău Municipal Youth Center informs you about the platform, an
online portal designed to support and promote opportunities for youth in the Chișinău

This platform is an initiative designed to facilitate young people’s access to relevant information
and personal and professional development opportunities. Given the importance of creating a
conducive environment for youth growth and engagement in various fields, we consider this
platform a beneficial tool for structures focused on the development of the youth sector in
Chișinău. By being present on the platform, you increase your visibility online, and together we
create that conducive environment for young people.
To utilize the information available on the site, we invite all structures that offer engagement opportunities for youth to contribute by posting them as articles on the platform

To post an article on the site, you need to adhere to the following requirements:

  • The article must have a title (60–100 characters);
  • The article must contain an introduction, body, and conclusion, divided into paragraphs;
  • If necessary, the text can be formatted with bold, italics, etc.;
  • Emojis are excluded from the article text;
  • The article must be accompanied by a representative image;
  • If the article involves inserting a photo gallery, the photos must be sent in their original format,
  • specifying the creation of the photo gallery;
  • The article must be sent in doc / docx format (Word Document) to the email address
    For additional details, please contact us at the phone number 068 497 625 – Nicoleta Șova