Learn how to create a content strategy and tell your brand story through storytelling with Natalia Muntean!

10 July 2024

2024-07-10 12.05.13

MAIB invites you on July 23 at 18:00 to the workshop “How to create a content strategy and tell the brand story through storytelling” with Natalia Muntean, communications specialist and journalist.

At the event you will learn how to use storytelling to tell a brand story and how to create a content strategy. You will analyze case studies and work on practical exercises with Natalia, who has helped numerous brands create authentic and engaging content.

This is the agenda of the event:

  • Storytelling
  • What is the brand story and its fundamentals (origin story, mission, vision)
  • How to create a message that resonates with your audience and creates an emotional connection
  • Visual storytelling and its importance (logo, color palette, types of content
  • Setting SMART objectives and aligning with overall company goals
  • Creating a content calendar and using content creation tools.
  • Strategies for using and repurposing content for business distribution channels

Location: maib park, str. 31 August 1989, nr. 127, Chisinau

Participation is free! If you are an entrepreneur, marketing and communication specialist or content creator and want to participate in the event, register HERE