Register for the “Introduction to Elections/Electoral Systems” session of the “Electoral Education Starts with Youth” Programme

04 June 2024

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The Chisinau Municipal Youth Centre enthusiastically announces the launch of the first session of the programme “Electoral education starts with YOUTH”. The session entitled “Introduction to elections/electoral systems” will take place on June 5, 2024, at 17:00, at the Center’s headquarters on 90 Mitropolit Varlaam Street.

This programme is designed to raise awareness and involvement of young people in electoral and decision-making processes. Through educational sessions, participants will learn about the importance of voting, the different electoral systems and how they work.

What young people will learn in the session:

  • History of Elections: Young people will explore the evolution of the electoral process over time and its importance in modern society.
  • Types of electoral systems: Participants will learn about the different types of electoral systems, including majoritarian, proportional and mixed systems.
  • Electoral processes: Young people will understand the steps involved in organising and conducting elections, from voter registration to vote counting.
  • Role of electoral institutions: The session will cover the role and responsibilities of the institutions that organise and supervise elections.
  • Importance of participation: The importance of active participation in voting and how each vote helps shape government and public policy will be discussed.
  • Challenges and solutions: Young people will explore common challenges faced in electoral processes and possible solutions to ensure fair and transparent elections.

Young people interested in participating are invited to register by completing the registration form available here.

Through the development of this programme, we aim to raise awareness of the decision-making process and encourage young people to become active and responsible citizens.

Your involvement matters! Join us and become part of an informed and responsible generation!