Riscani Youth Centre invites young people to the “Etiquette and Protocol” session!

28 May 2024


Riscani Youth Centre is pleased to invite young people to the session “Etiquette and Protocol”, part of the Social Etiquette Course within the Youth Personal Development Programme. The event will take place on Wednesday 29 May, starting at 16:00.

Under the guidance of our trainer, Zinaida Soroceanu, participants will have the opportunity to learn the essential rules of etiquette and protocol, which are indispensable to successfully deal with various social and professional situations. Through this session, young people will discover the secrets of elegant behaviour and effective communication, skills that will increase their self-confidence in any context.

Event details:

Location: Riscani Youth Centre
Date: Wednesday, 29 May
Time: 16:00

This is a unique opportunity to improve your social skills and take an important step towards personal development. We welcome you to join us to learn and develop in a friendly and professional environment.