Taboo-Free Discussions at the Rîșcani Youth Center!

07 June 2024


A new captivating session took place at the Rîșcani Youth Center as part of the “Taboo-Free Discussions” program, attracting young people eager for self-discovery and personal development. The theme of this session was “Self-Knowledge and Personal Development,” a topic of great importance for young people who want to discover themselves and develop harmoniously.

The session was full of revealing moments and constructive exchanges of ideas, providing participants with valuable tools to better understand their own emotions, aspirations, and potential. The atmosphere was open and friendly, encouraging sincere and deep discussions. The facilitators guided the participants through a series of practical exercises and interactive discussions designed to stimulate personal reflection and promote continuous development.

“Taboo-Free Discussions” is a program that addresses various and essential topics for young people, from mental health to career development, relationships, and much more. Each session is designed to create a safe and supportive space where young people can share experiences, learn from each other, and be inspired to reach their full potential.

Stay tuned for details about our upcoming meetings, and don’t hesitate to join our community to explore relevant and captivating topics! The Rîșcani Youth Center aims to be a pillar of support for young people in the community, providing them with the necessary resources and support to successfully navigate the challenges of adolescence and youth.