The chișinău municipal youth center organizes the session “stress management with youth” for young people aged 18-35!

21 May 2024

Copy of 2024 program dezvoltare personala-3

The Chișinău Municipal Youth Center announces the hosting of a new session within the youth personal development program, titled “Stress Management with Youth.” The event will take place on May 25, 2024, starting at 17:30, at the Chișinău Municipal Youth Center.

The session will be conducted by Mrs. Olesea Frunze. She will provide participants with the knowledge and tools necessary to effectively manage stress, thereby contributing to improving their quality of life.

Participants will have the opportunity to learn practical stress management techniques, discuss common sources of stress, and discover effective methods for maintaining emotional balance.

The activity is intended for young people aged 18 to 35, and participation is free of charge.

For those who wish to develop their personal and professional skills in a friendly and supportive environment and participate in this session, they must complete the registration form, HERE.