The first day of training for the volunteers from the Youth Centers in Chisinau.

02 July 2024


The Chisinau Municipal Youth Center launched the Volunteer Empowerment Program, intended for young people from the Chisinau Youth Centers.

This program is designed to provide young people with opportunities for personal and professional development through specialized training sessions.

Within this program, the young participants benefited from the following sessions:

  • Assertive Communication – Ms. Frunze Alesea provided participants with essential knowledge and techniques to communicate effectively and express their opinions in an assertive and respectful manner.
  • Effective Operation – Ms. Zinaida Soroceanu shared effective strategies and methods to improve organization and productivity in daily activities, both in volunteering and in personal life.
  • Techniques and Secrets for a Good Orator – Mrs. Lucia Pogor guided the young participants through the secrets of public speaking, contributing to the development of public speaking skills and strengthening self-confidence.
  • The Importance of Volunteering Activities in Personal and Professional Development – Mr. Grigore Vieru emphasized the essential role of volunteering activities in the training of young people, highlighting the major benefits they bring in personal and professional terms.

During the month of July, various training sessions on various topics will be organized for volunteers!
Together, we build a community of capable, responsible and engaged young people.