The mobile team of the youth center in the ciocana sector is back in the field.

18 May 2024


The Mobile Team aims to provide support and bring the services and programs offered by the youth center directly to the community or other accessible locations for young people.

Young people were informed about the specifics of the Center, which offers a wide range of activities and services for young people aged 14-35. These include non-formal education programs, career guidance services, psychological counseling, cultural and recreational activities, volunteer opportunities, skills and competencies training, as well as support for personal and professional development.

Additionally, the Mobile Team aims to create an interactive and fun learning environment where young people feel comfortable and can express their ideas and opinions without judgment. Thus, open dialogue and tolerance for differences are encouraged, promoting the values of respect, trust, and solidarity.

If you are interested in learning more about the Youth Center in the Ciocana sector, we invite you to visit us or participate in its activities for free.