The personal development program for youth continues at the Rîșcani youth center!

30 May 2024


The Rîșcani Youth Center continues to support the personal development of young people through various educational and training activities. Today, as part of the program, young people participated in a special session on “Etiquette and Protocol,” which is part of the Social Etiquette Course.

The session was led by Zinaida Soroceanu, an experienced trainer in the field of etiquette and protocol. Under her guidance, the participating youths had the opportunity to learn essential rules of etiquette and protocol necessary for successfully navigating various social and professional contexts.

Throughout the meeting, the trainer covered important topics such as appropriate behavior at formal events, the art of personal presentation, and handling delicate situations with elegance and professionalism. Participants benefited from practical examples and useful tips that will help them act with confidence and competence in any social situation.

The personal development program at the Rîșcani Youth Center is dedicated to the growth and training of young people, providing them with the necessary tools to become successful leaders and active members of society.