The Series of Personal Development Sessions for Youth with Mihaela Strâmbeanu Has Concluded. See in the Article What the Young People Learned.

07 June 2024

2024-06-07 16.42.07

The Buiucani Youth Center marks the end of a three-month period of exploration and learning the art of oratory, facilitated by Mihaela Strâmbeanu, as part of the Municipal Youth Personal Development Program.

During the personal development sessions, young people learned:

  • Diction techniques;
  • How to overcome the barrier of public speaking;
  • Emotion control tactics;
  • Expression models;
  • Exercises for diaphragm development and vocal resilience.

Various methods were used during the sessions, including the integration of rap music, poetry, and theater pieces.

Additionally, the young people acquired voice control techniques, managing to capture the audience’s attention more effectively. This experience gave them a deeper understanding of the importance of verbal communication, diction, and how they can utilize these skills in various aspects of their lives, contributing to personal and professional success, self-image formation, and confidence building.

The Buiucani Youth Center offers many other training sessions that you can also participate in!

We await you from Tuesday to Saturday, from 10 AM to 7 PM, at the Buiucani Youth Center, La Izvor Park.

Participation is completely free for young people aged 14 to 35!