Themyda – an innovative new mobile event app! See details in the article!

10 July 2024


Themyda is a free event platform that allows users to create, discover and participate in events they are passionate about. The goal of the app is to connect people with common interests.

Key features:

  • Interactive maps: users can visualize events on interactive maps, easily finding events near them.
  • User profiles: Each user can create a profile, becoming active in the community and attracting subscribers. This way they can form a community of their own and interact with other users who share the same interests.
  • Filtering and sorting options: Events can be filtered and sorted by various criteria to make it easier to find the most relevant events.
  • Personalized notifications: Users receive real-time notifications about events of interest, updates and comments.
  • Event creation: Users can create public, private or small circle of friends events with all the tools needed to attract attendees and ensure a successful event.
  • Versatility of events: Themyda allows the creation of public, private and closed events, offering maximum flexibility to organizers.
  • Ease of use: The platform is intuitive and easy to use, making the process of organizing and participating in events as simple and enjoyable as possible.
  • Exclusive events: Themyda offers the possibility to discover events that are not available on other platforms. Users can find and attend unique and interesting events waiting to be discovered.
  • Free for individuals: The app is completely free for individual users, with no hidden costs or subscriptions. This makes Themyda accessible to anyone who wants to discover and attend events.

About the team: Themyda’s team is made up of dedicated professionals from various fields, united by a passion for technology and events. They are motivated by a desire to bring people together and provide them with opportunities to spend their free time in an enjoyable and constructive way.

Themyda team consists of four people, four co-founders:

  • Dan Guțu, UI/UX designer;
  • Adrian Conea, project manager and marketing specialist;
  • Dan Palii, back-end developer;
  • Andrei Guțu, front-end engineer and product manager.

“We strongly believe that Themyda can become an essential tool for organizing and attending events, thus facilitating social interactions and creating new connections. Our tagline, ‘Let us design your perfect day’, reflects our commitment to delivering unforgettable user experiences.”, Adrian Conea, co-founder of Themyda

If you are a young person looking for cool events to attend, or organization/company running various events, then you must have the app downloaded and profile created on this platform!

Why download the app? To this question, Adrian Conea answers:

Have you ever asked yourself the question, what could I do today, this week, or maybe even on the weekend, I guess so, and we have created Themyda app to answer that question. Download the app and easily find like-minded events and activities near you, or create them yourself and gather a community of like-minded people! Have fun and enjoy!

Themyda can be accessed on the web platform or on the mobile app (Android or iOS).