Training about psychosomatic phenomena at Buiucani Youth Centre

24 May 2024


On Thursday, 23 May 2024, young people attended a training on psychosomatics and how stress affects the lives of young people at the Buiucani Youth Centre.

We know that negative emotions and stress can lead to various physical ailments (e.g. headaches, digestive problems) manifesting in certain parts of the body. And during the training, young people learned how to identify emotions in the body and breathing techniques to help reduce them.

Participants also tried one of the most popular mindfulness practices – meditation. This practice can help young people reduce their stress and anxiety levels, improve their concentration and develop a more positive attitude towards life.

Through simple meditation, young people have seen how brain function can be improved, increasing concentration and mental flexibility.

Participation is absolutely free for young people aged 14-35.

We look forward to seeing you at the other activities from Tuesday to Saturday at the Buiucani Youth Centre, La Izvor Park.