Training session for volunteers and youth information from Youth Centres in Chisinau!

14 June 2024


Volunteers from the Volunteering and Youth Information Service from Youth Centres in Chisinau participated in a training session aimed at developing communication skills when in the field with the Mobile Team!

The Mobile Team volunteers are the ambassadors of the Youth Centres. The mission of the Mobile Team is to familiarise young people with the services and programmes offered by the Youth Centres, highlighting the non-formal education, volunteering and active recreation opportunities available to them.

At the same time, this session contributes to the training of ambassadors both personally and professionally, in order to deliver the message to different age groups, depending on the interests of the young people.

In the next period, the mobile team of the Youth Centres will be present in various locations of Chisinau municipality! If you see the mobile team, don’t hesitate to approach and get acquainted with the opportunities offered by the Youth Centres!