Why become a volunteer in the mobile team of the youth centers? See what young volunteers already working in this team say!

30 May 2024


The Youth Centers in Chișinău invite you to join the Mobile Team, an innovative initiative aimed at bringing information about the Youth Centers directly to your community. If you are passionate about volunteering and want to make a difference in the lives of young people in Chișinău, now is the perfect time to get involved!

What is the Mobile Team?

The Mobile Team consists of enthusiastic young volunteers who collaborate with youth workers to visit parks, neighborhoods, and all sectors of the city, including suburbs. Using scooters and the minibus available at the Youth Center, the team travels to distribute essential information about the activities and opportunities offered by the Youth Centers.

Here’s what young volunteers say about their experience:

Mihai Grecu, volunteer of the Mobile Team of the Chișinău Municipal Youth Center: “My involvement in the activities carried out by the Mobile Team, of which I am a part, gives me the opportunity to make connections and build relationships with people from various fields, having the chance to exchange ideas. I am glad that I can contribute to disseminating useful information about the activities available for young people in Chișinău! I also have the opportunity to take advantage of many opportunities and develop intellectually. Moreover, my anxiety about public speaking has significantly diminished thanks to the Mobile Team.”

Mamedov Lera, volunteer of the Mobile Team of the Botanica Youth Center: “For me, the Mobile Team and its outings represent an opportunity to bring information directly to the heart of the community. Each outing is an occasion to meet new young people and get to know them, inform them about what the Youth Center is, what it does, and at the same time create strong and long-lasting bonds. The energy and dedication of the team make each outing full of useful information and bring new people into our community.”

Timuș Petru, volunteer of the Mobile Team of the Rîșcani Youth Center: “The Mobile Team represents the opportunity to spread the most interesting aspects of the Youth Center to the local community.”

Arseni Emilia, volunteer of the Mobile Team of the Buiucani Youth Center: “For me, the Mobile Team is an essential support in personal development and offers me the opportunity to develop my communication skills. This team helps me make informed choices and develop in the future.”

Ghizea Olga, volunteer of the Mobile Team of the Buiucani Youth Center: “The Mobile Team, for me, means the opportunity to interact directly with young people in Chișinău. Also, being a volunteer, it is an excellent opportunity to inform young people about all the activities we have at the center, to make new acquaintances, and even friendships. The Mobile Team of the Buiucani Youth Center is waiting for you, so don’t hesitate to apply!”

How to apply?

To become a volunteer in the Mobile Team, all you need to do is fill out the registration form, HERE

Don’t miss the chance to actively get involved in your community and contribute to spreading useful information for the youth of the capital.