Youth Information Center located on the pedestrian street in Chisinau!

09 July 2024

2024-07-09 19.30.02

Volunteers from the Botanica Youth Center are waiting for you every Monday at the Youth Information Center, located on Pietonală Street in Chisinau!

This Center is a new information and support point for all young people looking for resources, guidance and opportunities! It is located on the pedestrian street “Eugen Doga” and is open daily, Monday through Sunday, from 15:00 to 20:00!

The Center’s mission is to support young people in their personal and professional development by providing access to essential information and growth opportunities.
You can also learn various information about:

  • financial support programs
  • volunteering opportunities
  • psychological counseling
  • thematic trainings and trainings

We look forward to contributing together to a more informed society!