Youth stand-up club launches in Сhișinău! Participation is free!

30 May 2024

club de stan up

The Chișinău Municipal Youth Center is pleased to announce the launch of a new interest club dedicated to young people passionate about comedy and entertainment. The Stand-Up Club, moderated by the well-known comedian Vlad Sliusarenco, will start on June 4 and will be held every Tuesday at 1:00 PM at the Chișinău Municipal Youth Center, located at 90 Mitropolit Varlaam Street.

Vlad Sliusarenco, known by the stage name “Tata Copchiilor,” is a comedian, scriptwriter, and director. His vast experience in comedy and talent for bringing smiles to people’s faces will make each club session an unforgettable experience for participants.

About Interest Clubs

Interest clubs are educational and social initiatives that offer young people opportunities to engage in extracurricular activities in a non-formal and interactive environment. These clubs are designed to promote continuous learning and personal development, providing a safe and inclusive space for young people to explore their interests and develop their skills.

The main goal of interest clubs is to create a stimulating environment where young people can learn and grow alongside peers with similar interests. These clubs cover a wide range of fields, such as arts and culture, science and technology, social activism, sports, personal development, and more.

The Stand-Up Club is a perfect opportunity for young people who want to explore their creative side, develop public speaking skills, and learn from a professional in the field. Participants will have the chance to create their own comic moments, learn improvisation techniques, and perfect their comedy style in a friendly and supportive environment. Various shows will also be organized for participants to perform their jokes for an audience!

We invite you to join our new Stand-Up Club and become part of a vibrant community of talented and enthusiastic young people. REGISTRATION FORM, HERE