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Psychological Counseling Service

Personal Development and Leisure Time Animation Service

The Youth Center in Chișinău is dedicated to supporting young people in a variety of ways, providing a space where they can explore and develop different aspects of their lives, from career to personal well-being.

Through its services, the center is committed to offering young people the resources and support needed to navigate the challenges of daily life, encouraging them to become better versions of themselves. It places a special emphasis on personal and professional development, offering programs and activities aimed at improving leadership skills and future competencies.

Moreover, the center recognizes the importance of mental health and life balance, providing access to psychological counseling and support for those facing various emotional challenges.

Essentially, the Youth Center in Chișinău strives to be a trusted partner for young people, guiding them towards personal and professional fulfillment while equipping them with the necessary tools to confidently and optimistically face life.